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Affordable eCommerce Website Designs

Are you looking for an e-commerce solution that finds the balance between a great design, yet is also easily updatable and maintained?
Look no further than Havealook's e-commerce website design's.
Take your business to the next level with our ecommerce web design. Havealook specialises in this area can help your business to grow via our ecommerce web design. 
Havealook can create an e-commerce package to suit your business' professional needs.  Unlike many e-commerce designs, Havealook will create a website that is search engine friendly increasing the number of visitors and sales that generate as a result being easily found in the search engine results pages.
An ecommerce website design solution will be like having another member added to your team. You will be able to provide your customers with detailed product information with easy steps to purchase and pay online. 
For you and your team, whenever an order has been placed you get notified immediately through email. This will then ensure that you are able to service your customers as promptly as possible to keep them coming back.
All our e-commerce websites come with our self updatable console.  This means that you can update the prices of your items without the need to continually pay for a web developer to make these changes for you. There are also advanced options where you can specify items to be out of stock, and variants of products. 
Think of all the time you will save when you decide to have sales and promotions.  
You will have complete control of your website making it a cost effective and cheap website to run and maintain.
From a conversion perspective, visual appeal is also important. Our console will provide your customers with the ability to click on an item you are selling to get a larger view of the items they are interested in.
Cheap website maintenance is important, which is why Havealook offers free support with websites.  If your unsure or need direction on how to update your e-commerce site then we have telephone and email support.  We aim to give the right support as it is our interest to maintain you as a customer so that our relationship will long lasting. We treat you and your team as a partnership and we have lots of success stories to indicate this.
An ecommerce web design can be tailored for your website whether you offer a single item or a complete shop.  Many of our customers have a small number of items and have a targeted market; we can offer advice on how to get the most out of your website.  We also have customers with hundreds of items for sale who require simple navigation so they can categorise and find items quickly. 
Our ecommerce web designs are integrated with secure payment systems, thus ensuring transactions are always handled with the upmost with the care. This will ensure that your clients will feel confident in purchasing your products online. With internet security a large barrier holding many potential clients from purchasing online you can be sure Havealook's e-commerce website design will alleviate these concerns.
If you are considering an e-commerce solution with cheap website maintenance then call us on
 or have a look at our Portfolio page to find out more.